ATV Carbon Beadlock Wheel 9x9

Brand Name: ARACE
Material: Carbon Composite
Thickness: 5mm
Color: Black
Size: 9x9
Offset: 4+5
PCD: 4/110,4/115
Type: Double Beadlock ATV Wheels
Fitment: ATV
Weight: 3.3kg/pc

ATV Carbon Beadlock Wheel 9x9

ARACE Carbon Fiber Beadlock Front and Rear Wheel Set

Fits All of Sport ATVs

Color: Black Wheels with Black Rings/Black wheels with Color Rings(Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Orange)

Fronts: 10x5, 3+2 Offset, 4/144,4/156 Bolt Pattern, Single Beadlock

Rears: 9x9, 4+5 Offset, 4/110-115 Dual Bolt Pattern, Dual Beadlock

Through the hard-nosed, hard-knock world of cross country ATV racing, the ARACE carbon fiber wheel has been engineered and crafted into one of the most advanced racing products available today.

All of their designs feature rubber o-ring recessed into the wheel halves that allow for full serviceability in the field, and true modular design with no need for welding, silicone, or any unique tools. They are assembled with the highest quality fasteners, center sections, and inserts available on the market today.

Even the beadring is designed with a self-tightening feature that keeps them positioned right and dirt free.

All of ARACE Wheels are designed with lessons learned on the track. Even if you never race your ARACE, you will recognize their design, durability, and performance.


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